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Hotel Ivania's inn

Pool, Conference hall with restaurant and tour operator

Hotel Ivania s Inn is situated in a quiet and safe area just a few steps from the craft market, surrounded by Nicaragua's beautiful culture, historical and natural landmarks. Our facilities are located within 20 minutes from both Managua and Granada. We offer our guests and to those on business trips a very personalized and adapted service provided by our out most qualified staff that has made their mission to best serve and satisfy the daily needs of our clients. Our authentic colonial style hotel offers a wide variety of 17 habitations ranging from single to family bedrooms, capable of hosting up to 65 persons and adapted to provide you with comfort and well being during your stay. Our installations are just what you are looking for, ideal for all types of occasions such as honey moons, romantic nights, social events, touristic packages etc. We are located inside the ciudad de las Flores, the cradle of local folklore. Masaya is full of traditions and culture, of beauty and history filled scenery capable of captivating the mind of it's visitors. Masaya keeps much of its traditions alive from which emanates a wide variety of skilled craft activities that can be dated back to the pre-Colombian era.